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Amberle is a singer, song-writer and musician from the Philippines, Amberle grew up with several influences that are rooted deep within her, including her family's deep ties to structured church music in combination with her mom's pop/power ballad techniques and her dad's more playful rock/jazz approach to performances. 

Amberle knew from early on that music was one of the things that would always make sense, so each and every melody sung from her formative years to the present, would impact her song choices that span from the 80's to the present (and a few handpicked original songs thrown in the mix). Intent on initially focusing on acoustic performances, she has added tracks to her arsenal, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles to convey a wider range of emotions and topics. 

With her ever growing enthusiasm for guitar, vocals and deft arrangements, Amberle will give you a deeper sense of a raw, stripped down musical experience.



Gravey started his first band at the age of 16 where he played guitar and sang, but got yet another calling in a couple more years. Some slightly older friends of his had a band, and after their bassist left the band wanted Gravey to cover for him until they could find someone. The person they found that first day was Gravey. He fell in love with the bass because it was so different then the guitar. The bass carried the rhythm and meshed with the drums, and the rest is history. Gravey is currently the bassist/back up vocalist for a local band in his area. They actually are up for best band in a local publications survey, and even being considered is an honor to him. Gravey still always has that desire and talent to write and perform originals for people and his acoustic guitar is his way of doing just that. Playing open mic nights at bars, taking his guitar to parties and such was Gravey's only outlet until he discovered Second Life. Being a performer on here has allowed him to reach more people with his music without leaving his home, and that is truly amazing to him.

At his performances you will hear all live acoustic guitar and vocals (no backing tracks), mostly covers, with a few originals peppered in. The covers will vary, but will not stray too far from 90's rock, alternative, and pop. 


Oblee is a unique, one man, multi-instrumental musical act focused on original live music.  Most songs are centered around the guitar or some beatboxing, and a looper is often used to organize the composition.  There is an improvisational element to the music as well, with a different "remix" of the song coming each time.  Everything that you hear is performed live, with no pre-recorded elements used.  Unique versions of cover songs are played sometimes, too.  Instruments included in the mix are guitars, the mouth (beatboxing, fake trumpeting, various birdcalls, New Jersey-Style insults), bass guitar, vintage synthesizers, drumkit (real), piano, hammond organ, congas, bongos, djembes and a million little percussion instruments, didgeridoo, and an elk bugle.  

With over 700 songs in the repertoire, Oblee can play for just about any crowd, however, the focus is usually on original music which is sort of a loopy, beat-boxey, indieish mix that you have to hear to define.   The overall musical philosophy is that the song is the center of the universe.  While live looping and improvisational soloing are included, they are not the focus of the show.  The songs are succinct, catchy,  and usually 3-5 minutes in length.  



Ry Anne

Ry Anne is an American singer born and raised in Southern California. From the moment she was able to speak, she began her passion to sing and has been singing ever since. She joined a choir at the age of 8 and entered several competitions throughout her life. Artists who influence her are Beatles, Céline Dion, Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera, to name just a few.  After coming to Second Life a few years ago, she has decided to get involved with the live music community. Her voice ranges in styles from soothing ballads to rock and upbeat pop to folk.

ZIGGY1.3 (1).png

Ziggy Sixpence

Ziggy is not new to SL, but new to performing live music around SL. Swedish born, he sings and plays acoustic sets with song and guitar. 

He has been singing off and on throughout all his adult life and mostly sings pop/rock on the softer side.  

He grew up being influenced by his older brother's love for hard rock, Kiss, Metallica , Iron maiden but his own musical taste was softer with bands like Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Toto, then progressed towards more pop and soft rock.

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